Q: Do you do commissions? A: Yes! I have done illustrations for books, band & artist artwork, personal portraits, and many other things. I am currently open to commissions.

Q: Do you only sell originals or do you also sell prints? A: I sell some prints; it really depends on what I have in stock and what is ‘printable’ and what is not.

Q: Do you ship?
A: Of course! Anywhere. Also by pigeon, if you send the pigeon.



As a first-generation Mexican/Spanish immigrant, my work is a reflection of the vibrance, color, and culture within which I was raised. Daughter of visual artist and dancer Claudia Segovia, I have been emersed in a love for art and creation since birth. Since leaving Canada, I has lived in Sweden, Amazonas (Brazil), Spain, and the Netherlands, where I currently reside and find myself creating.  

My work is intimate, raw, and vibrant. I use art to reflect my love for cultural identity, ancient knowledge, mythology, and the beauty of human skin. Women are almost always at the forefront of my art; I am obsesessed with feminine divine energy and our intertwine with nature. 

My goal for my art is not only to produce colorful, expressive, and emotive work, but to work though investigations of traditional iconography, religion, and ancient history.

As a self-taught singer, I also participated in various projects around the world. I don’t know anything about music theory; my music intertwines traditional Mexican and Spanish music with rap and poetry; showcasing a medley between all things folklore and urban/hip hop culture.