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Vantage Bar of Music (Luxembourg) - Oct 9th 2022

B.O.T.A Anjos  (Lisboa, Portugal) - Oct 21st 2022

Día de Los Muertos con MexikaLux (Luxebourg) - Nov 1st 202

Poppoduium Volt (Sittard, NL) - Sept 23rd 2022

M22 ESCH22 Remix Nëssert Festival (Bergem, LU) -  Sept 10th 2022

Cultura Nova Festival (Heerlen, NL) - 30th Aug 2022

Route du Soleil (Maastricht, NL)- July 18th & 19th 2022

TEFAF (Maastricht, NL) - June 25th 2022

Final Concert INTRO IN SITU Artist Residency featuring Laia Escartin (Maastricht, NL) - July 2nd 2022

Concert @ Intro in Situ (Maastricht, NL) - May 12th 2022

Concert @ Maison Florida LENTENFESTIVAL (Hasselt, BE) - April 22nd

Museum Naacht (Intro in Situ, Maastricht, NL) - April 8th 

JAZZ OUT FST (SOLD OUT) - Roemond, NL) - April 1st

Concert @ Intro in Situ (AINSI, MAsstricht) - March 24th

Concert @ Climate March Festival (Maastricht) - March 8th

Concert @ Le Bovary - 18th February 
(Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Concert @ Intro in Situ (AINIS) - Feburary 10th 2022

Student Radio Maastricht RTV  (Radio Live) - Wednsday January 26th 2022

Harmonie Maastricht - November 2021

Radio Latina - October 1st 2021

B13 Brasserie - October 17th 2021

Live in Maastricht - October 24th 2021

Le Bovary - September 17th (Luxembourg, Weimerskirch)

Mexika Lux Fiesta Mexicana - September 18th (Luxembourg, Sandweiler)

TacoShop & MexikaLux - July 30th (Luxembourg, Sandweiler)

Live at Vantage Bar - July 1st 2021
(Luxembourg, Beggen)

Radio ARA “Sabora Mí” Broadcast & interview - July 1st 2021

Live with MexikaLux  + Tacoshop - July 2nd 2021
(Luxembourg, Sandweiler)

Live at B13 - July 4th 2021

Radio ARA “Sabor a Mí” Interview 
June 27th

CUERPOS Premiere Screening (Maastricht)
June 25th 2021

Jueves de Bienestar Emocional UNAM (Mexico, FB/Youtube live)
27 May 2021

Maastricht for Climate Conference (Maastricht, Zoom live)
25th May 2021

Clandestine Big-Desk Concert (Maastricht)
15th May 2021

Klimat Alaarm! (Maastricht, NL)
April 2021

Maastricht for Climate Conference (Zoom Live)
April 2021

Struinen in de Tuinen (Maastricht, NL)
September 2020

Plein 1992 Market (Maastricht, NL)
September 2020

Past solo exhibitions

Cueva de Gigi (Granada, Spain)
October 2020

Concierto Malaga? (Malaga, Spain)
August 2020

La Goma (Granada, Spain)
March 2020

Who We Are (Vancouver, Canada)
January 2019

Homes of Love: Love Foundation (Maastricht, NL)
December 2019

Relatos y Trenzas: Solo Exhibition (Maastricht, NL)
January 2020

Art Starts Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)