Influenced by traditional music from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America,  our music is an exploration of the  intimate encounter between folklore and storytelling.

Influenciados por música tradicional de la peninsula ibérica y América latina, nuestra música explora en encuentro intimo entre el folclore, los cuentos, y las leyendas.


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Recuerdos de Tánger

¿Quienes somos? Our story

Our music transcends the barriers between the old and the new. Our goal is to emphasize the
importance and beauty of tradition. Being children of first & second generation immigrants, we
explore our own origins and identities, particularly our Spanish & Latinamerican origins, whilst
encouraging listeners to come with us on the journey of reunification of cultural knowledge. We take influence from modern-folklor artists like Silvana Estrada, Camila y Silvio and artists we consider pilars of traditional music, such as Chavela Vargas, Mercedes
Sosa, Violeta Parra, Soledad Bravo, Simon Díaz.
Triana Segovia (Mexican/Canada/Spanish) who is a multidimensional visual artist, poet, and vocalist. Luca Vaillancourt (Luxembourg/Spain); composer and student at the Jazz Conservatory in Maastricht and lover of bossa nova and contemporary jazz. Together, the duo bring a new perspective to traditional music.

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