Writing and performing in both spanish and english, Triana showcases most of her spontaneous poetry on her instagram, where poems can be found accompanying photos, illustrations, and paintings. In her work, Triana grounds music and prose with visual imagery in order to tell a story; no matter how short. 

2/6 de Cartas Gitanas (2019)

Benguistano (2/6)
Bailando en dunas antiguas de arena
Descubrirán mi cuerpo todavía ardiendo
Diles que qué no fue el sol que me quemo
Pero tus manos cuando arrancaron el alma 
Aunque hable muerta no me dejes
Porque todo esto habrá sido en vano
Cuando mi cadaver frío les cuenta
Que yo a ti sigo amando.
Callí (1/6)
Con este manuscrito entre mis manos
Te explicaré lo que es sentir
Yo de continencia nunca aprendí
En eso me parezco al cielo
Que dolor más bello,
Cuando llorando se deshace
Tal vez si canto toda mi tristeza,
Entonces me llegaras a entender

Gipsy (1/6)
In my hands I hold a scripture
With to explain what it really means to feel
Of self restraint and repression I have learned nothing
In this I am alike the sky
When in exquisite pain
Through crying she unravels
So if of all my sadness I sing to you
Perhaps then
More of me you will understand.

Triana has performed her poetry live in the Netherlands, Spain, and Canada for several different concerts and slam events. Currently, she is working on her next project with Malanghi Arts (NL).